Consultancy for Water and Land Management and Engineering


Our expertise relies on

high degree theoretical education

and extensive practice.






  • Calculations of the water demand of settlements, municipalities, etc.
  • Developing water supply concepts
  • Network design planning
  • Water Reservoirs, Pressure Booster Systems
  • Water treatment measures to improve water quality, such as filtration, deacidification, precipitation, disinfection
  • Sampling, analysis, data management, problem analysis, legal and technical consulting, optimization, water loss determination
  • Well excavation, water springs exploitation


           This includes the design of:


  • Waste water treatment plants for settlements, municipalities, cities and (industrial) enterprises
  • Modernization to the state of the art, plant remediation, plant extensions
  • Disposal concepts, waste  and rainwater drainage, pumping stations, pressure pipes, sewer planning
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Excess sludge management
  • Application for funding and development including clarification with the appropriate authorities



  • Supervision of indirect dischargers answering the regulation(IEVO 1996) for discharge of waste water into the public sewer system
  • Preparation of the reports of the discharge and on-site treatment to the central administration
  • Investigation of the partial flows (discharges) of the indirect dischargers by self or external monitoring (according to IEVO 1996).
  • Consulting about measures to meet the requirements (if limits are exceeded).
  • Appointment coordination and data management, so that the examinations are carried out on time.
  • Representation of the dischargers to the sewage utility.
  • Flow measurement




  • Water sampling and analysis
  • Problem analysis and technical advice regarding solutions to difficulties and optimization of internal processes (waste water prevention or recovery of valuable substances, use of special substances, etc.)
  • Physical and chemical analysis of waste water from commercial and industrial companies in the course of inspections of indirect dischargers.
  • Development of concepts for compliance with the relevant limit values, in case of exceeding the limit values
  • Investigation of the operating parameters of wastewater treatment plants for plant management and improvement
  • Checking the load and cleaning performance of wastewater treatment plants




  • Coordination in the preparation and execution of construction works to increase the health and safety of the workers. This is required whenever there are several companies active on the construction site (according to construction work coordination law BauKG)
  • Creation of  health and safety plans (SiGe)
  • Planning coordination before the start of construction activities
  • Procedural verification of the planning of wastewater treatment plants
  • Review of execution plans



  • Establishment and administration of the database of indirect dischargers for sewage utilities, including processing
  • Submission of the required reports to the legal water authority.
  • Schedule management of the indirect dischargers regarding their obligations
  • Representation to the Water Authority
  • Assistance of utilities imposing measures on discharges exceeding the limits
  • Creating contracts for commercial enterprises and setting the review parameters and intervals
  • Determining the framework conditions for obtaining the approval of wastewater discharge in the public sewer system




  • Elaboration of studies on various topics of environmental protection (water, waste, energy, etc.) in small or / and large-scale areas
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for the construction of technical facilities
  • Comparison of various technical variants
  • Estimation of construction and operating costs in the course of variant comparisons
  • Comparison of central and decentralized concepts



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